viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

Inglés 1 2016-2: Formas interrogativas, afirmativas y negativas de BE en presente + adjetivo

Are you happy?
Are you hungry?
Are you busy?

Are they important?
Are they clean?
Are they thin?

Are we bored?
Are we motivated?
Are we obese?

Am I optimistic?
Am I tall?
Am I sleepy?

Is the doctor thirsty?
Is the president sleepy?
Is the prefect tired?

Is Margara young or old?
Is the principal thin or chubby?
Is the student curious?

Is the weather sunny?
Is the hospital dirty?
Is the Zahuapan long?

Am I busy at the classroom?
Am I a Mexican student?
Am I chubby or thin?
Am I an old fashioned person?
Am I sleepy at 9:00 o’clock?
Am I optimistic about the future?

Are my doctor and the nurse polite to me?
Are your dogs hairy?
Are his sister and my sister pretty?
Are the mechanic and the carpenter friends?
Are Mr. Obama and Mr. Peña interesting?
Are the students angry about the exam?

Are you and me interested in sports?
Are my doctor and me optimistic?
Are the mornings in autumn hot or cool?
Are the classroom tables comfortable?
Are the dogs normal?

Is the gasoline more expensive every week?
Is the OXXO convenience store open at 6:00?
Is the dog sick?
Is my laptop in need of service?
Is Tlaxcala next to Veracruz?

Are you grumpy at home?
Are you curious about science?
Are you hungry at 8:00 o’clock?
Are you relaxed about the exam?